Kyo Toys

The aim of Kyo's Toys is to bring to you what you have all been asking about for so many years, freedom. Unlike any time before, you now have the ability to pick a yo-yo that fits exactly what YOU want. You no longer have to scour through page after page of yo-yos looking for something that suits your particular style. Never again will you be forced to compromise because you like the style of a yo-yo, but hate the response system or bearing size that it comes with.

When I set upon this lofty goal, I knew I had to be unwilling to compromise for a lesser solution. I knew I had to be true to the quality design the Kyo brand has been known for. I knew I had to deliver something that could truly change an industry and give customers something they were missing.

To accomplish this goal, I've spent the last 8 years developing a system that allows endless design combinations built on-demand just for you. I have searched for new technologies, tested new ideas, built new design systems, and attempted to quantify the design process into something that everyone could understand and utilize. The technology has finally caught up with my idea, and now it is time to share with the world what has been such a long time in development.

The Yo-Yo you receive will be comprised of a Stainless Steel bearing seat, an ABS Plastic body, and Brass Weight Rings.